The giraffe family is one of our most loved collections and one that has for many years has remained unchanged, until now. 

This year we have decided that the time is right to extend this family and we are delighted to introduce three new members, our young mother giraffe and two new calves.

The young mother nuzzling her new calf is a recreation of one of the most important bonds in the mammalian world. It is from this moment that the new calf will recognise their mother's scent and be introduced to its affectionate and protective new family.

Having been following the herd of giraffes all day our new sitting giraffe calf has finally sat down to rest her long legs. Designed to sit alone or between the legs of our existing sitting giraffe, this new calf is a wonderfully accurate recreation of a charming sight in the bush.

We hope that these new pieces will bring a smile to your face and remind you of the close family bonds that we share with these delightful animals.