A Trusted African Legacy

Brand Benefits

A Family of Creativity

A Family Affair

The Mavros Way

Founded in 1979 by Patrick Mavros Sr, every piece we handcraft is designed by a member of the Mavros family and made to be the finest of it's kind.

We believe in making timeless pieces that are made to last generations.

Inclusive & Empowering

Master Craftspeople

Every Patrick Mavros piece is handcrafted by skilled craftspeople in our studio at the Mavros homestead - deep in the heart of the Zambezi valley.

We aim to include and empower every member of the Patrick Mavros team for their own personal benefit.

"We design pieces that are both elegant and tasteful. Our pieces are created to last the journey of being passed down the family line as far into the future as possible."

- Patrick Mavros Sr.

A Legacy of Conservation

A Deep Affinity

Africa. Our Home.

At Patrick Mavros, we have a deep affinity for nature and animal conservation. Conservation is at the core of everything we do, which is why we support a number of conservation projects on the African continent.

Shared Joy is Double Joy

Sharing Stories

Africa holds many tales, and each of our pieces are inspired by individual stories of our experiences on this great continent we call home.

What we do is about having fun and sharing our journey with you - our esteemed customer.

We look forward to welcoming you to Africa!