Ladies Jewellery Essentials

Inspired by African Wildlife these essential Jewellery pieces are for all occasions. Handcrafted and designed for an everlasting style.

A pair of Drop earrings

Drop earrings often being called dangle earrings are stable earrings that do not sway but rather move with your movement. 

This Style of earring will also elongate your face and highlight your jaw line giving you an elegant look from all angles.

A versatile pair of drop earrings can go a long way in bringing colour or bold statements into your daily wardrobe.


A classic drop earring in Sterling Silver or a bold choice of gold with a coloured gemstone are up to you. With a selection of dangle earrings available you are sure to be able to find a pair for your everyday look.

Pendant Necklace

A pendant which is dated back to wearing amulets or talismans around your neck is the modern ladies versatile statement piece. 

Changing the length of the necklace and playing with the height of the pendant around your neck can create length to your upper body or highlight features along your waist. 

Our selection of Sterling Silver and 18 CT gold pendants are an essential accessory. 

Stacking Rings

Originally used by brides to be able to wear their engagement and wedding ring for the first 12 months the classic look took on a popular approach.

Now the stacking rings style is preferred by those that choose to make a statement and add luxury to their wardrobe. A selection of bolder and daintier rings can be worn on more than one finger to elevate the look even more.

Our selection of sterling silver and 18 CT gold handcrafted African wildlife inspired rings offer a wide range of selection for the perfect creation of self expression through stacking rings. 

Stacking Cuffs

Stacking Cuffs also known as Stacking bracelets or an Arm Party is the purpose of expressing style through a specially selected group of bracelets that keep their structure and form on your arm. 

Having the stacking Cuffs climb up from just above your wrist to below your elbow is a common way to express multiple style choices in one look and elevate your wardrobe.

Our Selection of stacking Cuffs in Sterling Silver or 18 CT gold in either a solid, combination or including a Gemstone design is sure to give you the opportunity to express your style sense.

A cocktail Ring

Statement Rings which are popularly known as Cocktail Rings are large, flamboyant and pronounced pieces of jewellery worn on the middle finger or forth finger on the right hand. 

These rings can be worn for any occasion and are a key piece of jewellery for anyone looking to bring in a pop of colour using coloured gemstones, or a more classy look with gold and silver,

Our selection of Statement Rings feature a wide variety of choice in Sterling Silver and 18 CT gold with some featuring gemstones. Each of the rings in this collection is handcrafted in unique designs.

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