Adventure & Family this Easter

A very Happy Easter

Spring breathes new life into the world, we gather around a table filled with colour, laughter, stories and the joys of food. From youngest to oldest, we enjoy the hidden treasures igniting our imaginations and creating lasting memories.

Let the Fun Begin

It is in the glee and amusement of finding an Easter Egg that brings us all together.

This Easter we travel across a diverse landscape....

The Francolin gracefully roams amidst the golden grasses and acacia trees. Its distinctive calls echo across the desert with melodious whistles and sharp crackles. They move with agility and shorts bursts of flight.

During the Spring these courageous and resilient birds display an elaborate dance showing off their vibrant plumage and ornate markings seeking a mate.

Francolin Pair Sculptures in Sterling SilverFrancolin Pair Sculptures in Sterling Silver

The Knob Billed Duck gliding effortlessly across calm waters and wading through shallow marshes their quacks blend with natures symphony. 

as the season changes these elegant and adaptable animals model their beauty in an act of courtship.

The Grouse moves with remarkable agility, darting swiftly and quick with purposeful strides. Its distinctive call, a blend of deep, resonant tones that reverberate across the vast expanse of the moors.

As it warms up the Grouse performs a courtship display known as "lekking." they puff out their chests, spreads their tail feathers, and emits a series of "drumming" with its low and rhythmic thumping noise created by the rapid beating of their wings. This captivating dance is a mesmerizing spectacle, drawing the attention of potential mates.

Grouse Pair Sculptures in Sterling Silver - LargeGrouse Pair Sculptures in Sterling Silver - Large

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