Xigera Candelabra

Xigera is an extraordinary place in the heart of one of the most precious ecosystems in the world – the Okavango Delta. Delicate and complex emissaries of the future, the myriad of water lilies found in the Delta have inspired the Xigera Collection and represent a lifelong commitment to honouring and preserving the natural world we live in.

The blue water lily, which is indigenous to the Okavango water systems, is the inspiration behind Patrick Mavros’ Xigera Collection, which includes a shimmering tablescape of sterling silver candelabra in the form of these iconic water lilies.

The candelabra set has been designed to enchant guests as they sit down to dinner and recount the adventures of the day.

It includes tall and short water lily candleholders and tealight candleholders that adorn the tables of Xigera just as the lilies float on the waters of the Okavango Delta.

The short tealight candles are cradled in the lily flowers, while the taller candles are suspended by the lily stems above the lily pads, a design which is indicative of their long root system.

This variation in height and the ease of moving the pieces around the table will give guests a unique perspective as they dine amongst the lilies. Tiny aquatic creatures such as indigenous painted reed frogs and endearing little snails are tucked among some of the lilies, waiting to delight any one who discovers them!

Nestled on an island surrounded by these countless floating lilies is a truly remarkable sanctuary that welcomes guests to this heavenly place that exists in symbiotic harmony with its surroundings. This love letter to African conservation from our late, great friend Stanley Tollman is a place called Xigera.

Guardian of the Water Lilies - Xigera Safari Lodge

Xigera - The Heart of the Okavango

Alexander & Patrick with dear friend Stanley Tollman