Ladies Vakadzi Collection





"What Animal Suits Your Personality?"

"I love this collection because it’s a celebration of women who’ve risen above all the adversities that we’ve faced this year."

- Samu

"What Was Your First Piece Of Jewellery?"

"Jewellery makes you feel good, it epitomises love, appreciation and happiness because it’s normally given to you by someone who loves you"

- Caroline

"Gold or Silver?"

"Every piece that I have is connected to a moment in time or to a person who’s been dear to me, it's about memories."

- Robyn

Ladies Vakadzi Collection

Our Vakadzi Collection is a tribute to the women we are honoured to work with as part of our larger family. Vakadzi celebrates the women within the fabric of the Patrick Mavros team and at large.

This extraordinary story is told through distinctive pieces of handmade jewellerry that include earrings, bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks produced in recycled Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold in designs set with Black Onyx or Chrysoprase stones.