The Mother's Day Event of The Year

Hosted at The Studio

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of motherhood; a time for us to acknowledge the astonishing strength of the mothers who have raised us, the selflessness of the women who nurture us and the infinite generosity of the ladies who have loved us.

This year, we decided to honour the unwavering contribution of all mothers, grandmothers, caregivers and mother-figures with a special Mother’s Day celebration at the studio in Zimbabwe.

The soft strains of a saxophone symphony greeted guests as they turned out in the glorious autumn sunshine to celebrate the occasion with family and friends. Bottles popped and champagne bubbled as a chorus of laughter between moms and daughters, sisters and friends lifted the atmosphere. Guests streamed happily in and out of the studio under a stunning floral archway framing the entrance, the perfect backdrop for photographs.

Celebrating the occasion with her son Patrick and daughters-in-law Chatty and Alexandra, Catja welcomed friends and clients inside a studio illuminated by carefully curated collections and a montage of pink and white flowers.

Enriched by the glorious weather and effervescent energy, the occasion was a heartfelt celebration of the women who have lavished us with love. It was a very happy Mother’s Day for all who attended.