Year of the Ox

A limited edition of 88 lucky pairs

To celebrate the start of a new year, we present our limited edition Ox Cufflinks and share the story of how this wonderful character managed to secure his place on the Chinese Zodiac.

Long, long ago, the Jade Emperor invited all animals to compete in a race with the purpose of selecting 12 animals to be his personal guards. The emperor sent an immortal messenger into the land of men with the message that those 12 who finished through the heavenly gates first, would be included in the Zodiac.

On the day of the race, the strong and dependable Ox easily led the contest and was set to be the clear winner, but unbeknownst to the handsome Ox, he was giving the clever Rat a lift behind his ear as they crossed the swollen river to the finish line.

As the Ox was about to cross the finishing line, the Rat suddenly jumped down from his head and entered the gates ahead of him.

Alexander Mavros shares the story of the Ox Zodiac

The good fortune that the reliable and powerful Ox brings to those born of this year certainly benefitted the wily Rat that day, as the honourable Ox took his place as the second of the Zodiac animals. 

We respect the hardworking and diligent characteristics of the determined Ox, and our handcrafted sterling silver Ox Cufflinks are a detailed representation of this valued animal. We have taken our inspiration from the Iconic Nguni Ox from Africa.

A limited edition of 88 lucky pairs.