To celebrate the start of a new decade, we present our limited edition Rat Cufflinks and share the story of how this remarkable character managed to secure his place on the Chinese Zodiac… 

Long, long ago, the jade emperor invited all animals to compete in a race with the purpose of selecting 12 animals to be his personal guards. The emperor sent an immortal messenger into the land of men with the message that those that finished through the heavenly gates first would be rewarded with the highest rank.

On the morning of the race, the rat came across a swollen river with a strong current. Unable to swim through the current, he was forced to wait.

Soon the ox appeared and the clever rat quickly climbed up the ox’s leg and onto his ear. The ox was unaware of the rat's presence. After crossing the river, the ox saw the palace of the jade emperor and charged towards the heavenly gates.

As the ox was about to cross the finishing line, the rat suddenly jumped down from his head and entered the gates ahead of him.

Our rat cufflinks in sterling silver are a perfect representation of this quick-witted character. Crafted in minute detail, these rats hold a shiny seed of silver corn.

A limited edition of 100 pairs.