Crafting Timeless Men's Pieces 

Introducing Alexander Mavros' 

Curated Collection to Celebrate Spring


Spring is a time of rebirth and a celebration of warmer days. This spring we introduce a curated collection by Alexander Mavros celebrating this special time of the year.

The jewellery pieces that we make by hand have a special story, unveiling our deep passion for craftsmanship and creativity, the collections reflecting the natural beauty and heritage of our home continent.

As Alexander, one of our family members, says, "Each of our pieces are either hand designed by my father or one of us brothers, only crafting something we ourselves would want to wear." This personal touch is what makes our pieces unique to being an accompaniment for years to come.

His selection of Gentlemen's pieces are a testament to exploring classic and statement pieces into everyday wear, matching enduring designs with both your formal and casual obligations. Embodying the distinctive craftsmanship which is a definitive characteristic to our collections.

From intricate belt buckles to unique cufflinks and bangles, our designs are inspired by the natural world.

It's a sartorial way of life that celebrates the art of making life a safari!

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