Perfect Gifting Heather

A Gift from the Mavros Brothers

Watch a message from Alexander and Patrick Jnr

As a thank you for your incredible support we will be placing at random a gift inside somebody’s order – one gift a week until 

the end of lockdown! 

May the odds be ever in your favour…

Perfect Gifting Step 1

Perfect Gifting Step 1

Select a sparkling gift

Peruse our unique creations and select one that speaks to you or if you’re bedazzled by the selection you can always chose a gift voucher.

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Perfect Gifting Step 2

Perfect Gifting Step 2

Write a Note or a looooove letter

To accompany your gift, select one of four different cards and we will hand write your message for you …making it more personal.

Perfect Gifting Step 3

We giftwrap like elves

Alexander & Patrick Jnr are on hand to personally help giftwrap your orders, finished with a beautiful yellow satin ribbon! Full of the joys of Spring!

Speedy Delivery

We offer express trackable delivery worldwide.

Just because you can’t get somewhere, doesn’t mean your love can’t get to where you need it to be.

We’ll get it there for you!

Some of Our Best Loved Gifts

Perfect Gifting

Perfect Gifting