Vakadzi Cufflinks in Silver

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Our Vakadzi Cufflinks in Sterling Silver are handmade and polished to perfection. This bold and eye-catching collection is symbolic of our respect and gratitude for the formidable mothers and women of the world we have watched this year with great admiration. The traditional triangular ndoro symbol celebrates the strong women in our lives.

As strong supporters of these wonderful muses, the Mavros men are proud to wear these cufflinks as a tribute to the women we are honoured to work with as part of our larger family.

In bringing this unique collection to life, we have chosen to highlight the real heroes as the basis of this campaign. The beautiful women who make up the fabric of the Patrick Mavros team have been interviewed and photographed in our shops in London, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Mauritius.

Through their examples, we have witnessed true resilience and fortitude in the face of adversity. Vakadzi, the Shona word for women, is our homage to all the ladies who have amazed us this year. We salute you!

Sterling Silver
Handmade in Mauritius and Zimbabwe

Length: 1.7cm
Width: 1cm
Spring-loaded mechanism

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Patrick created a pair of earrings for his wife Catja, who wore them to the hair salon, where her hairdresser saw them and requested that a pair be made for her. Soon afterwards, all the other ladies who went to the salon were asking for similar earrings and from this gift of love, our journey as Africa’s luxury house began.

Patrick and Catja have injected their style and creativity into the magical environment of their home and studio in the sanctuary of the Umwimsi Valley where they brought up their four sons.

From day one, the boys grew up immersed in the creative surroundings of their father’s studio. Alexander, Forbes, Patrick Jnr and Benjamin infused the house of Mavros with their enthusiasm, creativity and passion with a serious pinch of fun...

Marrying intricate craftsmanship with an intrepid family heritage, every piece that we make has been designed by a member of the family with the sole intention of bringing delight and showcasing the very best of African luxury.

Love pervades everything connected with our business, from the design and production of our works of art to the care and attention given to serving our customers and friends and, of course, our love of Africa.


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