Complimentary Silver Cleaning Service

With our stores open and everyone ready for a fresh start we would be delighted to clean your silver and return it to you looking like new!

There is no reason why your silver can't always be sparkly clean with our Complimentary Shiny Tusk Silver Cleaning Service.

Simply bring your pieces to one of our stores and we are normally able to clean everything beautifully for you within a few days or if it is a single piece we will be able to turn it around for you whilst you wait.

If you are unable to visit the London flagship store in person we can receive and send your creations back to you via courier or tracked Royal Mail. Shipping charges apply. If you would like to send us your pieces for the cleaning service please email us so we can coordinate everything for you. 

We take great pride in our creations and want them to bring you joy every day!

It's time to shine...

If you have any questions or require further information please call us +44 207 052 0001.

Watch The Shiny Tusk Silver Cleaning Service

Cleaning and Care of your Silver

There are a number of different ways to clean silver that include cleaning cloths, rub on/off polish solutions and dipping solutions.

We highly recommend the use of silver foam and silver spray by reputable manufacturers such as Goddards, Haggerty or Town Talk.

These cleaning agents can be used for all of the following products.


Most pieces of jewellery can be cleaned by rubbing them gently with a silver cleaning cloth.

These cloths are obtainable from most jewellers or stores which have silver departments.

Some silver dipping solutions are also excellent cleaners.

Just remember to rinse your jewellery afterwards with clean water. Silver foam can also be used.

Silver Animals without Black Wood Bases

Light cleaning can also be done with a silver cloth, but if the tarnishing is very dark, then a silver foam or spray solution can be used.

Some people worry about the whitish residue in cracks, but this is easily removed with a soft toothbrush and hot soapy water.

Silver Animals on Black Wood Bases

Most small animals are fixed to their black wood bases, whilst most large animals can be removed from their bases.

Silver foam is our choice for these products.

If some solution should come into contact with the base, apply a little black boot polish with an earbud, then polish with a soft cloth.

Large Pieces

Game birds and candle holders are best cleaned by rubbing them with a silver cleaning cloth.

If they need extra attention, then foam or spray solution can be applied, then washed off with hot soapy water, using a sponge or a soft toothbrush.

Wax from the candles can be removed by using a wax solvent obtainable from a candle shop or department store.

Otherwise, hot water and rubbing with a dry piece of cloth or tissue will do the job.


Salt shakers are gold plated on the inside, but salt has a habit of corroding silver if it becomes wet and is left for a long time in the shaker.

Try not to store your shakers with salt in them.


Perfumes should not be sprayed directly onto silver, pearls or any other jewellery for that matter.

This can rapidly advance tarnishing and, in the case of pearls, will actually remove their lustre altogether.

Bathing or Swimming

Soap, sun and water are all wonderful for keeping silver jewellery clean and lustrous. Just don’t lose anything!

Black Wood

The hand-finished black wood base can easily have its shine restored by rubbing it with a small amount of black boot polish.

That is how we shine the bases here in the workshop.

Spare Cards

Name cards for the place card holders are always available from us at no extra charge. 

Should any of these methods fail, do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will do our best to help you.