Ladies Collections

Ladies Jewellery Inspired by real Stories. Handcrafted in Sterling Silver and 18 CT Gold.

Forged by The Ocean

Created as an expression of creativity on The tropical of Island Mauritius.

Sea Urchin

A striking creation reflecting the natural beauty of an intriguing sea creature. 

Ocean Tides

A True Natural Phenomenon Exposing hidden beauty beyond the waters.

Ben the Elephant

An Endearing Collection depicting him standing by his family was inspired by a true triumphant survival story.


Being Rescued from mud the Collection is inspired by an Elephant with a Resilient and Charming Nature.

Heart of Africa

Inspired by the eternal symbol of love and adoration, A collection Steeped in true romance.


Creativity Sparked by an extraordinary place in the heart of a most precious ecosystems.


Celebrating the rich African traditions of African folklore about a fabled beauty


 A striking symbol of history and culture creating a timeless design.


Our homage to all the ladies who amaze us, we salute you.

Elephant Hair Bangle

Encapsulating true romance and adventure, the Strand of the Bangle holds the ultimate Gift of good Fortune.


An animal of strength and personality depicted in a striking creation of beauty.


The gatekeepers to the African Waterways, a creature of strength, a source of inspiration.


Combining Incredible True stories of Zozo and Ben the Elephant in fine details.


Inspired by our deep love and respect for the intriguing Pangolin.

Our Family Promise Specially for you

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