The Pangolin Collection

Dear Friends,

We are delighted and humbled to present a very special collection inspired by one of Earth’s most gentle and remarkable animals, the Ground Pangolin. 

The Pangolin is an incredibly rare and secretive mammal. 

Most people who have spent their entire lives in the wilderness of Africa have never seen one and the sighting of a Pangolin is considered to be a great privilege and the luckiest of all experiences to have in the bush.

I hope that this collection captures the extraordinary beauty of the Pangolin, and encourages all of our friends and clients to spread the word of this little-known but critically threatened species.

Our Pangolin story started at home in Zimbabwe in the early 1980’s, when rescued Pangolins were brought to us by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife for rehabilitation and release. 

These gentle and inquisitive animals enchanted us as we accompanied them  into the night when they would search for ants. At sunrise, they would roll themselves into a ball, protected by a golden-brown cloak of scales. We were absolutely captivated by their unique morphology and affectionate nature. 

Today, the Pangolin is the most trafficked mammal in the world and without our full attention and protection, it will disappear from the wild.

This shy moist-eyed mammal walks about on its back legs, sniffing for its exclusive diet of ants and termites. 

Its body is covered by beautiful and impenetrable scales and its toothless mouth holds a sticky, ant-licking tongue almost as long as its body.

The Pangolin’s sensitive nose points the way as its strong claws dig through hard earth to reach into the heart of the ants’ nests.

In Zimbabwean folklore, it is said that Pangolins are the source of alluvial gold, turning the ants they feed on into the precious metal. 

The Tikki Hywood Trust is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of lesser-known endangered mammal species in Zimbabwe.

Lisa Hywood and her small team have done more to accelerate Pangolin awareness, education and legisl ation throughout Southern Africa than any other body.

Their efforts are truly heroic and we as a family are proud of our long and firm association with this hugely admirable Trust.

We are delighted to donate 10% of all our sales for the Pangolin Collection to The Tikki Hywood Trust. 

The Pangolin Ladies Collection

The Pangolin Gentlemen's Collection

This Collection was created using the traditional technique of ‘lost wax casting’. 

It features three precious metals: Sterling Silver, 18CT Yellow Gold and 18CT Rose Gold. 

For the first time in our history, we will also be introducing a limited edition collection of pavé diamond-set pangolin pieces. 

After a chance meeting with world renowned wildlife photographer Adrian Steirn, we decided that a collaboration between ourselves would ensure that Pangolins received the highest level of exposure. 

Our collaboration saw the photographs and video of "The Pangolin Men" shed a new light on the plight of the Pangolin and reach an audience that had never heard of them. 

The Pangolin Men video was viewed by over 70 million people.

Rescue 221 Pangolins!

Release 158 back into the wild!

Support 128 people!

Grow from working in 2 African Countries to over 15!

Help spread the Pangolin word and wear your Pangolin Collection pieces with pride.