Story Time with Patrick - Patrick Mavros

Story Time with Patrick

Join us for a story at tea time with the main man himself, and listen to Patrick share his passions, intrigues and projects with you...

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Kids Art Competition - Patrick Mavros

Kids Art Competition

Our very first Patrick Mavros Kids Art Competition! This is now closed, bit it will become an annual competition... Start practising!!!

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Papa Rhino - Patrick Mavros

Papa Rhino

The new Papa Rhino Cufflinks, perfect for your Papa. These Sterling Silver Cufflinks have been lovingly handmade and especially designed for Dads...

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Our Message - Patrick Mavros

Our Message

We want you to know we are here to support and make a difference. We are always available on our phones, on Email and our social channels, staying ...

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Heart of Africa - Patrick Mavros

Heart of Africa

To celebrate love in the new decade, we present a striking and tactile new collection from the beating heart of Africa.

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"Our latest Heart of Africa collection draws inspiration from the ancient African patterns found in our native Zimbabwe."

Patrick Mavros Jnr. - Designer